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Bee-Bots an exciting programmable floor robot for Child Care, Early Years & Lower Primary. Its child friendly layout appeals to children and it is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming to young children. This open-ended resource allows teachers to use the Bee-Bots as a tool to enhance learning in Literacy, Science & Numeracy through a multitude of activities.


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EV3 Robotics

LEGO Education EV3 robotics is the 3rd generation of LEGO robotics and comes with an improved intelligent brick, new motors, new sensors and improved software. Teach students how to program, build and test models. Great for accurate data logging too!



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Our research shows that when students work on projects, they learn more | eSchool News

Educators often talk about 21st-century skills and the benefits of incorporating communication, creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking into lessons. These are skills stud…

Source: Our research shows that when students work on projects, they learn more | eSchool News

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Dash and Dot


Dash and Dot are robots that can sense, act and think! Students use block coding on four different iPad apps to control their robots. The durable and child friendly robots are a safe and easy way to encourage STEAM learning in your classroom.

Maker materials can be added such as lego, tape, cardboard and more to transform your robots!

Dash and dot also have educational accessories that can be purchased to support art, music and engineering.



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The Makey Makey is an electronic invention kit for all ages! The Makey Makey allows you to take everyday objects and combine them with the internet. Using the alligator clips attached to any conductive material you can control the keyboard of your computer, such as the space bar, arrow keys and left click of the mouse. When you are ready the back of the Makey Makey allows you to key map even more keys!

What’s more, the Makey Makey is part of the maker movement! You can connect with people from all over the world to invent  a wide array of electronic maker projects, from musical house plants, interactive classrooms and amazing assistive technology!