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Awesome interactive coding lessons can make anyone a programmer

Inspirational videos and fun projects entice girls to start coding

Popular games, big names get kids and teachers pumped to program

Code Monster from Crunchzilla
Learn basic to complex programming with friendly monster guide
Tynker – Learn programming with visual code blocks
Fun coding puzzler for the basics, less robust than companion website
CodeSpark Academy with The Foos – coding for kids
Puzzler’s use of real code fills niche in crowded learn-to-code genre
The Foos: Code for an Hour FREE girls and boys educational app
Coda Game – Make your Own Games, Coding for Kids, Unlimited Creativity
Lightbot Jr 4+ Coding Puzzles
Dungeon-crawling adventure where code is king
Cast spells with JavaScript in a game world where code is magic
Hopscotch: Learn to Code Through Creativity
Easy-to-use visual tool makes programming fun for kids
Mozilla X-Ray Goggles
Remix tool reveals code, can strengthen kids’ understanding of the Web
Computer science curriculum offers great feedback, fun challenges
Cool coding tool tuned to teen girls’ passions aids creativity
Terrific hands-on coding practice with live feedback
Mozilla Thimble
Inspiring platform teaches coding through remixing
Move the Turtle. Programming for kids
Unique app helps young kids learn basic coding skills, with guidance
Cute, colorful coding platform caters to strong independent readers
Beta The Game
Bite-size coding, novel interface challenge novice game developers
PBS KIDS ScratchJr
PBS and Scratch mash-up offers nice wrapper for rock-solid coding tool
Code-free game development tool helps kids program and publish
Fun, self-paced web development and coding lessons offer high value
Codeable Crafts
Animate stories with accessible drawing tools and coding blocks
Blockly for Dash & Dot Robots
Adorable robots teach hands-on coding skills
Code Fred: Survival Mode
Fight or flight biology charmingly explored from the inside out
Well-thought-out coding platform for real game programming
Hakitzu Elite: Robot Hackers
Code-fueled robot battles err on the side of engagement
Kodu Game Lab
Game programming tool for visual thinkers
KineScript: Visual Programming
Drag-and-drop coding environment is too complex, lacks support
Fun procedural reasoning for kids; great curriculum ideas for teachers
Kids Ruby
Learn-to-code application with so-so instruction
Robots, Arduinos, and drones — the block coding app to rule them all

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Cool Coding Apps and Websites for Kids